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The Cable Bridge (aka Ed Hendler Bridge) from pasco,  along sacajawea trail 11.18.18.jpg

We serve Basin City, Connell, Kahlotus, Mesa, Pasco and unincorporated communities in Franklin County, Washington.


We are the voices of veterans, teachers, parents, healthcare workers, first-generation Americans, and community-members from all walks of life.

Chair: Ana Ruiz Kennedy

Vice chair: Jake Dorsey

Secretary: Pamela Gaudet

Treasurer: Diane Hand McDaniel

State Committee Member 1: Amanda Brown

State Committee Member 2: Pamela Gaudet

Franklin County is located in South-Eastern Washington State, where the Columbia and Snake Rivers meet.


Franklin County weather



  • history of franklin county democrats, democratic projects contributions to state (dams), supported legislation and infrastructure

  • leadership team photos

  • latest/ current subpage for weather and news, destination site or county aggregate

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White bluffs, Wheatley, Emery, Connel, Curry, Sulphur Lake, Sulpher, estes

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